• Points: "Points" are included as part of the meal plans and must be used in the semester they are purchased. Unused points will not transfer from Fall to Spring. Points may be used at The Pub, Cupertino’s, Egan Simply to Go, or to purchase student and/or guest meals in Antonian Hall.
  • Dining Dollars: Dining Dollars (not points) will be accepted at Bennigan’s, Rubi's and Brooklyn Bagel! Dining Dollars can be purchased in $100 increments. Please complete a form in Student Life.
  • Deadlines: NO meal plan changes will be made for the semester after the following dates:
    • Fall 2022 -- Friday, September 2, 2022
    • Spring 2023 -- Friday, January 20, 2023

2022-2023 Meal Plan Options

Resident freshmen (less than 27 credits) may choose either:

  • Nineteen Meal Plan

Resident sophomores and juniors (27 credits or more) may choose from:

  • Nineteen Meal Plan
  • 265 Block Plan
  • 200 Block Plan

Resident seniors (88 credits or more) may choose from:

  • Nineteen Meal Plan
  • 265 Block Plan
  • 200 Block Plan
  • 155  Block Plan

Meal Plan Descriptions & Prices

Off campus students, commuters & residents of Assisi Heights may choose any meal plan or no meal plan. The Dining Dollar plans listed below are commuter plans, and are available to commuters and Assisi Heights residents only.


Meal Plan Description Price
Nineteen Meal Plan* 19 meals/week and $50 in points $2,070/semester
265 Block Plan 265 meals a semester & $250 points $2,220/semester
200 Block Plan 200 meals a semester & $175 points $2,070/semester
155 Block Plan 155 meals a semester & $275 points $2,070/semester
500 Dining Dollars 500 Dining Dollars $500/semester
1000 Dining Dollars 1000 Dining Dollars $1000/semester


*PLEASE NOTE – Meals do not carry over from one week to the next on the weekly plans.
Weekly plans include 3 weekly meal exchanges and block plans include 5 weekly meal exchanges.

Antonian Hall Individual Student Meal Prices

Breakfast: $6.20
Lunch/Brunch: $8.70
Dinner: $9.70
Late night: $8.70

(non-student guest prices are slightly higher)

Residence Halls (2022-2023)

Residence Hall Price Per Person
Marian $2,425/semester or $4,850/year
Trinity $2,425/semester or $4,850/year
Francis $2,525/semester or $5,050/year
Thomas More $2,625/semester or $5,250/year
Louis & Elizabeth $2,625/semester or $5,250/year
Kolbe & Clare $2,625/semester or $5,250/year
Junipero Serra $2,625/semester or $5,250/year
St. Agnes $2,625/semester or $5,250/year
Padua $2,525/semester or $5,050/year

Assisi Heights (2022-2023)

Room Type Price Per Person
1 Bedroom $2,625/semester or $5,250/year
2 Bedroom $2,625/semester or $5,250/year
2 Bedroom (renovated) $2,775/semester or $5,550/year
3 Bedroom $2,625/semester or $5,250/year
3 Bedroom (renovated) $2,775/semester or $5,550/year
4 Bedroom $2,775/semester or $5,550/year